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Updating intellisense hangs 2016

Note that for this fix to work, you have to abandon Visual Studio 2010 or 11 PERMANENTLY. You don’t have to uninstall either of them, but if you open a solution in them it seems you’ll re-break Visual Studio 2012. Maybe a hotfix will come out eventually to fix this issue. If your Intellisense is anything but intelligent, and has stopped working, do the following: 1.

Since Re Sharper is integrating within Visual Studio deeply, there are some scenarios, some specific configurations, solutions or use cases, which may lead to freeze or crash of Visual Studio with Re Sharper.This article guides through troubleshooting steps in order to fix or avoid the crash, or at least determine the cause of the issue.We changed our database (which enables features like Go To Definition and Find All References — please note that these are not considered “Intelli Sense” features) to use SQLite.The hotfix with these changes has just been released.Microsoft has been releasing new versions of SQL Server 2016 Management Studio in a monthly cadence for quite some time now.The very first thing I noticed was that after about 10 minutes of programming my Intellisense quit working and never came back. Strangely, I did not find the “correct” aka permanent solution to this problem.

So, after a ton of screwing around and guess-and-check, here’s how I solved it.

I really want to use clang intellisense, but I can’t.

The engine with default installation of Visual GDB (5.1) still crashes in my project. Hi, I’m not sure if this is the same problem as I don’t know how to tell if its the Cpp Engine Host – the whole Visual Studio app hangs on startup every 2nd day or so.

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The current list of known issues and workarounds for SQL Server Management Studio is also available here.