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Taylor swift patrick kane dating

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After the game Kane was late getting to the team bus because he was talking to the same girls and got yelled at again.

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Based on all the pictures of LV, maybe it's easier to assume she didn't wear expensive clothing. And AG, we really have no idea at all, because there are barely any pictures of her even before dating PK. It's no ones business what they spend their money on, whether it's their money or not. Or a pathetic friend that follows him around hoping for a taste? Lol, continue blabbering on little fan girls and we will just keep laughing at you and making fun of you. Get a life, make some friends..wait, that's likely not possible considering how retarded and repulsive you obviously are. Nobody can possibly be that spineless to stay with a person like that. Like vet said no one is that spineless to put up with that and put their family through it. if all of this is true then maybe he needs to pull his tampon out and do something about it.One of them was Taylor Swift." After the game Kane was late getting to the team bus because he was talking to the same girls and got yelled at again.

One of them was Taylor Swift." It could have been a love story, because that day back to December (we assume) was a fairy tale.

What if she took advantage of using Kaners hand to scratcher herself and have her friend bite her to make it seem Kaner did it. Hey Sophomore Kane's parents will not allow him to not have children. If YOU are so confident that we are lying, you don't need to post here then, do you? So, it is you who should stay away since you can't handle the situation.

Reply-to: What if the woman waited until Kaner was a sleep? Unless BU does in fact offer a Drunken Puck Slut degree program. I feel bad for Kane because he is so good with kids and he's stuck with her. Now that it is 100% confirmed via her trainer on IG that Kristy got knocked up by Crawford (a man who is almost 9 years older than her) what is taking so long for Amanda to get her meal ticket for life? If you don't like what we who actually know Patrick have to say,then maybe a YOU shouldn't come here since you seem to get all riled up about it. It is also obvious that you have a problem with those of us who actually know Patrick, what with all the weak attempts at personal insults and such. If you don't like what I have to say then don't come here! If you're so confident in what you say then you don't need to come here spouting iyour mouth off about it. And you sound like you are mentally retarded, which you likely are seeing as you can't even come up with your own material and think because you saw a pic you have any clue on how Patrick's family feel about Amanda.

At the Blackhawks Fan Convention last weekend, Savard spun a tale that perfectly captured both the hound-dog aesthetic of a youthful Kane and the siren’s song of one Miss Taylor Swift.

From Second City Hockey:" data-reactid="16"From Second City Hockey: Another, rather topical story: rookie Kane lost his guy on the backcheck, leading to a goal against.

Comments you post may require a paid membership to delete. You and that other loud mouth are the only two who continue to bring the topic up over and over. Go get a life and leave what you think is Patrick's life alone. Lol, obviously you look up to the WAGS, seeing as you are posting on a board that is about someone who is a prime example of a WAG, someone who only dates a player for their money and fame. It's not our fault you are a loser who will never know him and that he hates fan girls like you as do all players.