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Project Details: link Printable Valentine designs are super simple!Provided you have an internet connection, you can download these printable designs.


This is the special day designated for loved ones to mark their continuing affection, and there is no better way of doing this than gracing the occasion with arty handmade valentine cards.Project Details: link Stamp your love to your man’s heart by learning and creating these simple valentine stamps.The requirements are; pen or pencil, a pair of scissors, wood blocks, wood glue, craft foam sheets, and printable designs.A pair of scissors, sponge brush, glue, bone folder, patterned paper, mini pom poms, ink, stamps and a box, are the inexpensive supplies you need to achieve the sweet Valentine Candy Box.Project Details: link I couldn’t think of anything more romantic than the thought of my man finding a message in a bottle, not a random one via sea but a romantic love note directly from me.Instead, they are arrows used to hunt for love, and trust me they don’t disappoint.

You don’t require the skills of Pablo Picasso to craft the arrows, all you need is great motivation, some supplies, which may be lying in your house, and you are good to go.

it really doesn't matter, because you don't need to spend quality time with anyone but the person you love.

So every date feels like the first date, and not the last.

When you're in a healthy relationship, the urge to check on them goes away.

Even when they act a certain way that is unusual from their normal behavior, body language, and mannerism. You might have just lost your home in a tornado, a flood, or a fire, but you look at each other and are still grateful that you have each other.

Project Details: link Ever wondered of the sweetest way to express your solid love this Valentine’s?