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Raja dhody dating daughters friend

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But there are others, who after a lifetime of compromises, reach breaking point.

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Basu and Rinki Bhattacharya Rinki was married to film director, Basu Bhattacharya (1934-1997), though after suffering domestic abuse, she walked out of her home in 1982.“Marriage ain’t easy,” Penn said, “but it’s great most of the time.” Mel Gibson and Robyn The couple filed for a divorce after 28 years.They had seven children together and Robyn had requested spousal support and the attorneys’ fee.Om reacted with an ‘angry’ interview accusing Nandita of “reducing a sacred part of his life to cheap and lurid gossip”. A couple of weeks ago, a website quoted the actor as saying, that his wife and he were separating.His wife retaliated by saying that excerpts from her book had been taken out of context and that her husband’s remarks had been misquoted. Soon after, a press release was issued denying the same.In December 2002, Khan filed for a divorce, ending the 15-year marriage with Reena, before taking the custody of both their children. After her divorce and despite parental opposition, they married.

Alyque Padamsee and Pearl Padamsee Theatre personality Alyque first met Pearl while in college. However, after nearly a decade together their marriage became predictable. Padamsee then married Dolly Thakore and later, Sharon Prabhakar.

Sean and Robyn Penn Oscar winner, Sean Penn and his wife, Robin, have been separated twice.

The on-and-off couple were married for 11 years and officially announced their split in 2009.

Hollywood’s ‘broken’ couples Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri The couple split after being married for seven years due to “mixing business with pleasure”.

Dupri had produced several of Janet Jackson’s tracks on her last two albums.

Even before his authorised biography, Unlikely Hero: The Story Of Om Puri, hit the stores, the actor’s wife and the book’s author, Nandita Puri, was in the eye of a media storm.