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Overweight people dating

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I don't generally look for that sort of experience, and I think it's kind of gross that I'm expected to "suck it up" because "that's what people do at bars" and "you're not in any position to pick and choose."And a lot of what I'm talking about, especially women being bought drinks and then expected to go home with the drink-buyer, is universal to all women.

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I've never been a pretty girl, and I'm not a pretty woman. I don't have perfect bouncy hair and I don't have even features or a beautiful face.Some have self-confidence issues that are proven over and over when they're laughed at for trying to date or told that being whistled at on the street is the best they're going to get. I guess most of the time, according to society, we're not. Accept most people think of you dating and laugh at the idea.And the worst is being told that we could have a relationship if only we improved ourselves. I have found lasting relationships with people who looked past the way I look and into my heart and mind. I also wish there weren't so many roadblocks being thrown up. Accept you're not going to find love, and if you do, it's probably a fluke. Finding love and companionship isn't just for pretty people. And if they can find love, so can less-than-gorgeous people.ix years ago, I couldn’t get a real date to save my life.I blamed nearly all of that on my size and used weight as a shield to deflect getting rejected.Why do I have to accept a less-than-stellar dating experience because of the way I look?

I don't feel like I have to lower my standards and expectations because I don't look like that girl over by the bar.

Converse to what some people seem to think, fat folks have feelings.

They are often struggling with knowing that they're undesirable in the world. Accept most of the world finds you ugly and disgusting.

I feel like I can meet someone that will respect me and that will connect with me, no matter how I look. It bothers me that fat and ugly people dating is considered funny.

However, I don't feel that society feels like that's an option for me. Even if you don't find a certain person attractive, why is it hilarious to think that they might want to find love and companionship?

I'm told to "go on dating websites." I did that, and met someone that I thought I could start a relationship with.