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In addition, an advisor can explain the broad range of scholarships that are available to international students.We can also offer advice regarding suitable accommodation options, whether it be in on- campus residences, student housing or hostel facilities.

Achieving this early in the process will ensure you stay focussed throughout the entire procedure.Our advisors will ensure you have a suitable living situation during your studies.On top of this, we can also advise on your options regarding finding part time work in your chosen country.Recommendations can also be given for flight discounts and route options and we can also provide assistance when booking your flights.Airport pick- ups can also be arranged to ensure your arrival in your new country is successful.Planning overseas education is a long, drawn out process full of technicalities and it can be quite a daunting task.

Our role as overseas education advisors is to simplify the whole process of applying to universities abroad and make your experience as simple and as rewarding as possible.

Thus, an overseas education advisor can play a pivotal role in helping you achieve your goal of studying abroad.

Our consultants have years of experience and are experts in recruiting students to universities across the world.

There are four easy steps to securing a successful placement overseas: There a so many options for overseas education available and one of the hardest tasks is finding the place that will be most beneficial to you.

A study abroad consultant helps you to carve out the best options from a pool of seemingly endless suitable choices.

I felt so helpful when I was in the process of preparing the necessary documents and financials for the university and for the visa.