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Exchange address book not updating

Sometimes, users have faced an issue like “Outlook Offline Address Book not updating” because of resources available on the host server and service failed.To fix Exchange Outlook OAB not updating issue, So that user able to opt a manual method.

Another example is a searching for “Some mobility experts have already figured out that sync is better than search.An issue has been highlighted where several users are not in the global address list, its just two users in particular, who were created about 2 weeks ago, and they dont appear.The clients are using outlook in cached exchange mode, and I read that a manual download of the offline address book can be achieved by going to send and receive, then download address book. I then found this Microsoft article: Which describes setting a registry value that dictates how the OAB should function.It still takes a few minutes to locate his information.There is easily enough technology to solve this problem but it is often ignored.These two methods will automatically search both the local i Phone address book and the GAL.

However, if you click on the After opening the address book, many users scroll up and down only to realize that they don’t see the contact they need.

We're having an odd issue where the outlook offline address book won't update manually.

We are on O365 E1 plan and when I add a user it shows immediately through OWA and on non cached users.

In case, if I setback these accounts and re-sync then they get current new addresses, however, if a user wants to add they are not updated or synchronized properly.

Kindly suggest me any solution how to solve this Outlook OAB not updating issue?

Users will eventually need to call a co-worker that isn't in their address book. Half of your users will fail at this task and the other half won't find it a productive experience.