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Everquest patcher stuck on updating

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6.59 GB remaining anyway it download preety slow :(Have you tried logging in before it completely downloads?You really don't have to let it download all the way.

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Once saved go ahead and run the program, and follow the on screen steps.______________________________________________________Hi Dankorii, thanks for helping out.I tried everything mentioned above to get the setup to work as well. but majority of my friends (i'm the only one of 10 ) are unaffected. Hello Everyone, Just Downloaded the Everquest 2 Extended to My Computer and when I try to preload it , it all the time stuck! I really don't know what to do I tried to Open Ports on my router and on my windows firewall Im running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit please help me I really want to play this game =( (it stucks at 12.59GB Remaining) Hope you guys help me soon as possible thanks in advance Ok it still stuck =/ I have enough space at my HDD something about 108GB Free Of 205GB I tried before a couple of days to download it and I went to sleep and it download nothing : S I try to turn off the firewall and everything still that anoying problem.... If so, try deleting that file and force it to re-download.Winter Bunny, Let's try uninstalling and reinstalling the Desktop App.This support article should help with that process: Uninstalling Desktop Application______________________________________________________Coredank, There was a patch today, and Norton can sometimes block those.Then I let it sit again for awhile after that, even though it said 0 kbs the whole time, I finished the update and it plays!

may just be a bug with the actual download speed monitor...

=( so I try to uninstall it and it show me that I can't Kind Of error or something so I redownload the everquest 2 launcher and install it and now it stucks at the first update plz help I don't know what to do ! when I press Options at the launcher it shows me: Download Mode that sets to Full Bandwidth Log Mode that shows me nothing Cache Settings that I don't know what is it... You said it downloaded everything, but then you tried to uninstall it? But anyway, the way it works is this: before it downloads the entire game, it gives you enough files to start playing.

Because you're not going to need access to the entire game right away, it gives you access to the character creator and all the starting areas.

The patcher for EQ2X is designed to let you into the game before the game is fully downloaded. If it's just stuck at a certain percentage, it's possible that it's downloading a huge file.

It's supposed to continue to download content while you play. Zone files in particular take a really long time to download.

If you are willing to try, I would temporarily uninstall Norton to see if that makes a difference.