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Elucidating on

Hereafter I hope to elucidate at length these phenomena of expression.What a puckering of his bright boyish forehead, what a grave determination to elucidate the fable!

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As an immediate example, what about Addie mentioning fear and pride in the same segment?It conducts the mind to no firm resting place; it bewilders instead of elucidating our notions of God, of man, and the universe.However it may be, we will for the present leave to others the task of elucidating the question of origin.Far be it from us to presume to point it out, or elucidate or expound it in any degree. elucidating synonyms, elucidating pronunciation, elucidating translation, English dictionary definition of elucidating. - read more Elucidating definition, to make lucid or clear; throw light upon; explain: an explanation that elucidated his recent strange behavior. It may help to elucidate this matter if we regard it from another point of view.

A few examples will perhaps serve to strengthen as well as to elucidate still further this position.

From the preceding extracts it will be seen that this hand-book is useful in elucidating many Greek, as well as Latin synonymes.

If by aid of abridging, elucidating and arranging, we can get the reader engaged to peruse it patiently;—which seems doubtful.

Would Ms Wannamaker say that Addie meant that fear and pride were emotions men could never have but would only make up words for not having?

Addie’s difficulties with language are much more attributable to her personality, her intelligent complexity and unique emotional make-up, than they are to a generalized theory of patriarchal oppression.

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