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She had magnificent full breasts, that demanded and certainly got my attention (and that of every straight man in the room) and a pair of high heeled Black and Cream shoes that matched her dress perfectly.

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The Dutch dating game is a complex intertwining web that makes the derivatives market look as simple as putting together toys from Lego.In the complex dance that is the Dutch dating game, it’s the women who are firmly in control.My advice to my fellow hunters, is to lay down your arms and prepare to be the hunted.The key to success in the Dutch dating game is patience, let the antelope come to you.This and more shallow wisdom can be found in new book, The shallow man guide to the Dutch dating game.Think of the Dutch dating scene of that of Lions and Antelope, with the exception that Dutch women are the worlds most ferocious species of antelope, that will hunt down (and if you’re lucky) eat the Lions. They don’t take kindly to having their antelope socializing interrupted by hungry lions.

Once the Dutch antelope has finished smoking, shouting loudly IK GA PLASSEN, smoking and shouting about how bad the sex was with their last date, or how ugly some guys are on Tinder, they will scan the Lions gathered at the watering hole and home in on the ones they find attractive.

My initial futile attempts at approaching Dutch women mainly followed a similar pattern.

I would be in a busy bar, and make conversation with some denim clad lovely, only to be (often) rudely rebuffed by the lady in question.

We arranged to meet again and on the second date had a wonderful time, and being a gentleman, I won’t divulge any further details, other than to say it was the first time that I shouted out “I love Holland” in joy of the night that followed.

Chantal and I dated a few times, but alas she soon learned why they call me the shallow man and the relationship ended.

Slowly but surely it dawned on the shallow man, that one of the keys to dating Dutch girls is quite simply, to stand still.