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Some women hope, even expect, to find more than just sex.Karen, the manager of the famous Coyote Bar and a former domestic worker from the Philippines, describes the typical Sunday female punters.

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This phenomenon is known locally as “Sunday Funday”.That means having a slew of attractive pictures that are visible to everyone. They hate the idea of a dude messaging them whom they’ve never met. So you’ve got to accept that, for the most part, these girls are going to ignore you. You can’t simply just message a girl saying, “Hey, what’s up? You’ve got to say something that will intrigue her, and that will compel her to reply.Make yourself look like you have a ton of friends and that you’re fun. At the same time, you also have to have a non-threatening fact, even the most experienced pick up artists can’t do this on a regular basis.First, you’ve got to make sure that you set up your profile perfectly. The trick is to message these girls with a purpose.But I love my wife and I would never do anything to hurt her, and I don’t plan on leaving her.” Although finding marriage, or indeed love, in such a hopeless place is definitely no easy task, some have been successful in their endeavours. “They come in to look good for Western men,” she said.

Ellen Howard has been in Hong Kong for almost 20 years. He is from America and he is a very good husband,” she said. “They come in to look good for the wedding of a friend who’s marrying a Western man, hoping to find a Western man at the wedding… ” For some women, though, true love, and not simply marrying a Western man, is the ultimate goal.

Most of them know I’m married, but they would have something more if they could.” John continued.

“Most of the domestic helpers live one step away from slavery… ” Howard, a former domestic worker and now the owner of Ellen’s Salon in Central, says that most of her regular customers are domestic workers.

For the very best way to get the conversation going, you’ve got to watch my video on how to pick up chicks on Facebook (or any online dating website for that matter).

Hong Kong’s Wan Chai district has long served as an open door to drinking, drugs and exotic entertainment.

Well, you’re in for a huge surprise if you think of it that way.