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Dating royal worcester dots

dating royal worcester dots-62

Here we look at Royal Worcester history, the Worcester marks, artists and porcelain wares.The first Royal Worcester factory was established on the banks of the River Severn by a group of local businessmen.

Early production was rather haphazard and the purchase of Benjamin Lund’s Bristol company was used to bring vital technical expertise into the mix.A lease for the grand house on the banks of the River Severn was taken out on 16th May 1751 and on the 4th June, the 15 partners signed a deed to officially establish the ‘Worcester Tonquin Manufacture’.The secret of porcelain production was to be the property of the shareholders and each agreed to a penalty of £4000 should they disclose knowledge of the secret to anyone.Worcester also obtained licences to mine soapstone in Cornwall and worcester soapstone porcelain did not crack when boiling water was poured into it; giving worcester a significant advantage over other producers.Hard paste porcelain is made of 2 ingredients-kaolin(clay) and petuntse(decomposed granite).From 1862 till 1867, the last two numbers of the year would be used.

From 1867 to 1877 the code would either be the last two numbers or a capital letter under the circle representing the date.

Meissen porcelain was greatly admired in England in the 1750’s, but its import was severly restricted and so English manufacturers imitated the meissen wares.

By 1755 Worcester was making the best English blue and white porcelain tea wares that money could buy, as well as more expensive coloured enamel sets.

Worcester porcelain is split into periods of times: 1: The first period refers to pieces made until 1783 when Thomas Flight purchased the company.

2: Regency refers to those items made when the name changed frequently 3: Royal Worcester refers to pieces from about 1862 onwards.

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