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Are luke mitchell and indiana evans dating

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17 November 2006Lewis' excitement about testing his new lure in the annual fishing derby is quelled by Cleo's refusal to renew their traditional partnership for fear of getting wet.

Cleo and Emma demand that she stop seeing Zane, forcing her to choose between him and them.3 November 2006Another full moon is happening, the girls and Lewis try their best to make sure no moonlight can get in, and they succeed, until Lewis leaves.Cleo and Emma block the moon light, but Rikki sees it from a reflection in her water.Rikki loses control of her power and flees to Mako Island after being scared of hurting Cleo and Rikki.Meanwhile, Zane, being haunted by the tail he saw when he almost drowned, does some research, which leads him to Mako. Feeling scared and lonely, they kiss, but Rikki ends up hurting Zane, and she doesn't remember until Zane asked her about it at the Juice Net café, in front of Cleo.Rikki refuses saying that true friends would never make her choose.

8 December 2006Rikki and Zane see a locket in a shop window that looks just like the one Cleo found by Mako Island. Denman holds Lewis prisoner on her boat, she and Harrison trap the girls in the Moon Pool.

Elliot is having trouble with a mean teammate on his soccer team coached by Nate.

9 July 2008Zane wants Rikki to get back together with him but she is having doubts.

When Lewis discovers this at Emma's party, a fight breaks out and Emma's mom's new glass dolphin figurine gets broken.

2 November 2007Cleo catches her father with a woman and makes the mistaken assumption that she is his girlfriend.

10 November 2006Angela, who is Cleo and Kim's cousin, comes to town for a visit.