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Are amanda seyfried and dominic cooper still dating

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‘Yup, I would have to say that Colin was definitely the worst dancer.Though he did try very hard, and luckily he was playing a character who wasn’t much of a dancer either, so it kind of worked out for the best,’ she concludes, putting a brave spin on things.

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Amanda hasn’t spoken about it until now., he was being hailed as ‘the new Colin Firth’.I was nervous singing for Benny and Björn [the male half of Abba and the film’s co-producers] and I just did the best I could.The idea of working with Meryl Streep was daunting for about three minutes, but she’s such a cool lady and so professional that she was great to work with.We both look like frogs with our wide-set eyes, we’re both indecisive and neither of us has a lot of willpower.’ ‘He was amazing but the problem was that I fell in love with him too early,’ says Amanda.‘He was so special and being with him had such a profound effect on me, but the timing wasn’t right.But nothing in the film was really that challenging as I was basically playing myself.

Sophie’s a young girl excited about life, so it just felt right.’At 22, Pennsylvania-born Amanda could easily pass for a teenager.

opposite Justin Timberlake, and although the prospect of appearing in a show that already has a huge – and vocal – fanbase may be intimidating to some, Amanda seems unperturbed.

‘Before I got the role, I used to sing, but not professionally,’ she says, ‘and as soon as I heard about I knew I had to do it.

He’s a low-key guy and I was entering into this world of celebrity which he hates and which scares him.

I didn’t want him to be unhappy or have to deal with it, and so it was me who ended it.’Did she become involved with Cooper in order to get out of her relationship with Marchant?

I just hope he’s still in love with me six years from now.