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Amber rose and reggie bush dating

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It came in response to Kanye changing the name of his upcoming album from Swish to Waves, with Wiz claiming the name “waves” belonged to Harlem rapper Max B, who released a string of Coke Waves mixtapes before being convicted on charges of aggravated assault, felony kidnapping, armed robbery, and murder. West paid respect to Max B via a tweet, and things seemed to be on ice.

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"Kim is one of the main reasons why me and Kanye are not together.Now, Tyga has a child with the hip-hop model Blac Chyna, who is best friends with Rose. And, if that weren’t enough, in recent weeks Rose’s pal (and Tyga’s ex) Blac Chyna has begun dating Rob Kardashian, the semi-estranged brother of Kylie, Kim, Khloe, and co. If Kanye cheated on her, Rose has a right to be upset. The two have both moved on and started separate families, yet Rose, who is mostly famous due to her association with Kanye, seems to keep tethering herself to Kanye and the Kardashians for the considerable ink it generates.When the relationship came to light, Rose went on The Breakfast Club and blasted it. And the same goes for Blac Chyna, Tyga, and the Kardashians.The best thing Kanye can do is ignore them entirely, but he’s never been one to take an insult lying down.Since their 2010 breakup Kanye West's ex-girlfriend and model, Amber Rose, has been mum about the split, until now.Between serious relationships, three-day flings, and marriages that last a couple months, who could possibly keep up with her even if they tried?

” If Kardashian gossip happens to be your thing — and we won’t judge you for that — you’ll enjoy the latest accusation Amber Rose is making against Kim K.

"One of the greatest things that she showed me was just to be a nicer person because she was so disconnected from the concept of celebrity when I first met her." "[Amber] be like, 'What?!

The only thing I find entertaining about the concept of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” is the fact that it’s impossible to keep up with Kim Kardashian since she’s an enormous fluzie.

Following Rose and Wiz’s split in late 2014, her beef with Kanye reignited. The interview prompted Kylie’s sister Khloe Kardashian to fire off a few tweets at Rose, labeling her a hypocrite for stripping at 15 yet criticizing Kylie for her illicit relationship with Tyga.

In February 2015, Kim’s little sister Kylie Jenner (17) began dating the rapper Tyga (25). Rose didn’t take the criticism lying down and decided to drag Kim—and by extension Kanye—into the mix: Kanye’s infamous “30 Showers” interview on The Breakfast Club was in response to this tweet by Rose.

"I want to thank her, because if she was never a homewrecker, then I never would have met Wiz, and I wouldn't be as happy as I am now." Following their split, West admitted to his admiration for Rose and how much he learned from their relationship during an August 2010 radio interview.