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The evaluation of the age-at-formation estimation methods showed statistical significant differences.Therefore, a mathematical framework for the conversion between the methods has been developed.

I am a freelance/individual member of AJPA but I do not see my name listed under Contestant Managers, what do I do?Remodeling had eliminated about half of the HLs formed during adolescence, and a further half of the remaining ones during early adulthood, whereas no association between the aforementioned conditions and HL prevalence could be determined.The peaks of high HL frequency among various populations were found to parallel normal growth spurts and growth hormone secretion. The assessment of individual age at occurrence of such lines, as part of paleopathological skeletal studies, is time-consuming and shows large intra- and interobserver variability.However, the interpretation of HLs as a stress indicator remains debatable.The aim of this article is to evaluate the perspectives and the limitations of HLs analyses and to examine their reliability as a stress indicator.There appeared to be no systematic pattern for dividing the material according to bone length (and thereby age).

Overall, this paper concludes that the performance of CT images is comparable to traditional flat plane radiography for evaluating HL on archaeological dry bone specimens of tibiae.

AJPA style is based in the Author-Year style used by the Council of Biology Editors (CBE) and uses abbreviations for journal titles. Ref Works and Zotero systems can work with AJPA styles.

Scientific Archaeology Research Group Fiona completed her thesis at the University of Bradford in 2010 and now works as a Research Fellow on the Leverhulme funded project 'Adolescence, health and migration in Medieval England' led by Dr Mary Lewis.

Her research focuses on the skeletal remains of adolescents from urban and rural medieval cemeteries.

She is examining evidence for pubertal development, growth, trauma and disease to build up a picture of adolescent development and health during this period, and the effect that early work and migration had upon these young people.

This study found that the intra- and inter-observer agreement was very similar for each method, but both image methods performed less well for counting the number of HL.