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This means operators don’t need some special software or training, they just have to access their Gmail account or their IM client of choice and start accepting and answering to customer chat requests. Help Center Live is an open-source live chat system.

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Because of its open-source nature, this chat service provider is being constantly updated and the potential errors are fixed. Live Zilla is a free chat service featuring many nice complements, including an integrated real-time visitor monitoring feature that allows you to see instantly who is on your site, fully customizable chat elements.Among the benefits of using Zopim is the end of pop-up windows, create automated messages, get complete traffic analysis of your live visitors, rank your costumers so you can always assist the most important clients and finally, trigger-based chats.The lite version is free and can be upgraded to different versions [solo (9 USD/month), solo plus (15 USD/month), team (39 USD/month) and business(99 USD/month)]. One of the top chat services because it covers mostly all the functions of paid services at no cost, you can insert a live chat application inside your website to start getting in touch with your visitors.Volusion website can be reached at Customer Reach, you can choose the live chat service or run your own live chat server.You can start with a free account and upgrade up to a one time license fee starting at $399.00 USD.On this roundup we will be studying some of the essential chat services (free and not) that can be implemented in your web page, we will consider different aspects, including price, quality and difficulty of use, we hope you enjoy this article. The Sales Syntax powered chat is a PHP programmed service that at no cost can be installed in an external website.

The software offers a good customization levels that lets you adjust many aspects of it, you can also monitor the visitors and chat sessions while chatting with more than one person, which can be done in a single tab.

Check out this chat service at Bold Chat is a software technology made for increasing website sales and improving customer service.

Its price range goes from 29 to 199 USD per month, which may seem expensive if you’re not familiar with the features that you receive after subscribing, including proactive chat invitations, full customization, visitors monitoring, email management and much more.

Also you can customize your different chat styles from one site to another.

Finally it’s important to notice that this is a hosted and open-source service.

Powerful tool, the OCC chat provider offers a free version of its chat that perfectly covers every company’s needs, making it a top choice to support your business, although you can upgrade to the premium version paying the amount of 29.95 dollars per year.