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Puratchi Kalaingar is know for his matrix styled roles in action movies and as a politician he has been caught in many blooper moments on camera (slapping his aide drunk during an election campaign).

He was also shot in the throat by a rival on a film set, making his voice sound like a bull frog.Despite the sheer size of the city, sometimes Bangalore can be a very small place.Apparently this whole UB City mall complex was built by the guy who owns the whole Kingfisher empire and was built so that he would have somewhere to hang out in with his mates.OK that may be a bit of an exaggeration but it has dawned on me that in just a short few weeks I’ll be heading back to the land of fish and chips and mediocre sport teams and quite frankly I want to make the most of my remaining time here so that I depart thinking, ‘I couldn’t have done any more.’ OK, so the chances of that are slim-to-none and of course there is a lot more I wish I had managed to achieve and see, but undoubtedly those residual desires will just act as a catalyst to drive me to come back to India again in the future when I have the time and the finances.From what I have been told travelling around North India is like a completely different experience and warrants a separate trip – so if anyone wants to join me for future excursions, then you have my number. My flatmate finally left Bangalore to head back to England and so in celebration a group of us went out to UB City Mall which is one of the most exclusive malls in Bangalore.On their top floor they have a raft of very nice restaurants serving a range of international cuisine.

My eyes almost lit up when I saw that I could order a beef steak from the menu.

As an actor, Govinda often hit a high note in mediocre movies.

He joined the congress and did a shabby job of his political duties as an MP.

She has over 186 movies to her credit, often known for playing action roles wearing a police uniform.

She is currently a member of the Indian National Congress after serving as an MP under Telangana Rashtra Samithi.

Megastar Chiranjeevi was born as Konidela Siva Sankara Vara Prasad.