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After being let go by the Huntsman, Snow White finds herself taking shelter in Widow Lucas' chicken shed.

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The findings reflect the significant decline in immigration from Latin America in recent years, which has reduced the number of first-generation families.It also shows that Latinos are repeating a well-traveled path of assimilation embraced by other immigrant groups such as Italians and Germans."The typical trend is that the first [generation] prefers to speak Spanish, the second generation is bilingual, and the third generation is generally monolingual," said Jody Agius Vallejo, an associate professor of sociology at USC who studies immigrant integration. California voters in 1998 approved a ballot measure that killed most bilingual education programs in public schools in favor of English only amid fears immigrants would prefer to keep speaking Spanish.Still, the movement runs counter to some of the fears critics often express about the huge amount of immigration — both legal and illegal — into the U. The shift toward speaking only English comes with its own complications.While chatting about Peter, Red's love, Snow learns that Red feels trapped like a rat in a cage.Granny has always been overprotective and Red feels Granny disapproves of Peter.At a town meeting, Granny shows the villagers the scars of her first encounter with a similar wolf 60 years before.

She warns the crowd that the wolf is truly evil and that the only thing people can do is hide until wolfstime is over.

Snow learns that Red's cloak was designed by a wizard and helps to stop Red from turning into the wolf.

Red has no memory of being the wolf and Granny has kept it from her all these years.

The Rivera family's experience mirrors a dramatic linguistic shift occurring in Latino communities across the country.

More Latinos are growing up in households where only English is spoken.

Outside a dance studio in the predominantly Latino immigrant town of Cudahy, mothers waited for their daughters to leave a folkloric dance class.