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Camera conversation chat rooms sex

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We’re set up in a house in southern California ready and waiting for the knock on the door.For the next three days we’ll be greeting guests who have no business being here.

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In a matter of seconds, men start chatting with the undercover decoys.Some are on Web sites like My and Teenspot, social networking Web sites.They’re waiting to be hit on by adults looking for sex.A decoy coaxes the men in, but instead of finding a 12- or 13-year-old home alone, the men looking for sex will meet me.Here’s an example of the kind of confrontation we’re in for: A 37-year-old, Kurt Lemke, a truck driver, calls himself “haloballfan” online.More men underway The men were asked to walk down the side of the house in California and come in through the sliding glass door in the back.

Several men made it into the kitchen, and as soon as they saw me, made a run for it.

A month ago, Dateline launched its third investigation into a growing national epidemic—grown men trolling the Internet, many looking for sex with children.

This time, to expose them, we set up multiple hidden cameras in a house in Southern California.

As we have in the past, we enlisted the help of volunteers from Perverted-Justice, a watchdog group that regularly catches online predators by posing as kids online.

But this time Perverted-Justice volunteers wanted to get law enforcement involved, so before our investigation began, they contacted the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. Chad Bianco, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department: We were approached by Perverted-Justice to do this large sting and they told us that “Dateline” would be following along. The sergeant and his men, staked out in a mobile home parked in the driveway next door, are ready and waiting for suspects to show up at the house in an attempt to molest a child.

He thinks he’s here to meet a 13-year-old boy named Dave, but we really send him a decoy photo.